It is with great sadness after serving our customers for almost 17 years that we have to say goodbye. After many difficult decisions over these past two very difficult years for everyone around the world we have decided that family is where we need to be. We have strived from day one, back in 2006 to deliver the best products to fit our customers needs and to maintain support for our customers in the utmost ways possible. We hope we have delivered on those promises over the years to each and everyone of you, as you are the ones that have kept us pushing to deliver the very best year in and year out.

We want to say a special thank you to all of our customers, from here in the US, to those across the globe especially to those that have been using our products to protect and maintain their PC's since our inception in 2006, thank you thank you thank you!

We will miss you all and hope all of your enjoy the holidays and have a wonderful 2023 and beyond.

A couple of important business notes for you as our customers:

If you have ever contacted us before then you know Cathy our head of support, and her willingness to go above and beyond for you, she graciously has agreed to stay available to each and every customer for the next 3 months for any support related matters. She can be contacted directly at -

If you have any billing questions, you can always reach out directly to our partners at Cleverbridge, and they will take care of anything you need. For their contact information please look at your purchase confirmation email, that will contain all the contact info you will need.

As for those on subscriptions, those subscriptions will automatically be terminated at the end of your subscription term by Cleverbridge, so you will not be auto renewed, charged any additional fees, or renewal costs. With that said, anyone who just purchased, or renewed, or still using legacy products, you will still have full access to all features and functionality to those products for the reminder of your subscription period. No products will be shut off or metered in any way shape or form. Your products will act and run exactly as they did prior to our closure. Those of you on subscriptions, once those products do expire you will no longer have access to the full features and functionality.

Privacy was always a big priority for us and for you as our customers, not only providing products to support you in protecting your privacy but us in protecting the information you shared with us. Rest assured all personal information including email addresses etc. will be securely deleted from our servers.

Again Cathy will be available to answer any and all support related questions, through March 2023, if anything comes up please let us know, we are still here to help.

Cathy Head of Client Support Services-

Best Wishes to all!

The LargeSoftware Family