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Computer Running Slow, Freezing, or Crashing? PC Tune-Up™ Can Help

Is your computer running poorly? It’s time for a tune-up! Bring your computer back to life and stop it from running slow, freezing, and crashing by removing the items that impact its overall health. Improve your computer’s speed and reliability now by ordering PC Tune-Up™.

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When you buy a new computer, you don’t find it running slow, crashing, or freezing for a reason: It’s optimized to run smoothly and efficiently. As you begin to add and remove software programs and other files, your computer begins crashing, freezing, and losing overall performance. Learn how to fix the common problems that slow down your computer.
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Our online support system is in the works, but if you have any questions about your software, contact us at At Large Software® we are dedicated to helping you quickly and easily solve the problems that lead to your computer crashing. By ordering PC Tune-Up™ today, you can escape the frustration you experience when your computer is running slow!

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We are happy to provide tips for optimizing the performance of your computer and preventing it from running slow, crashing, and freezing. In developing PC Tune-Up™, Large Software® has created an incredibly easy way to remove extra items on your desktop that impact performance. Although PC Tune-Up™ is designed to be easily used by those who do not consider themselves computer experts, the program’s customizable options also meet the needs of more advanced users. Either way, showing your computer some love with PC Tune-Up™ will help stop freezing, crashing, and other problems in their tracks.

1. Over time, keeping your computer in a smoke-free environment can significantly help reduce damage. Cigarette smoke residue can cause the metal contacts and delicate circuits of your PC to corrode. As a result, you will likely find your computer is running slow, freezing, and crashing.

2. Excess heat can damage the sensitive circuits of your computer, causing frequent freezing and crashing. The best solution: A regular spring cleaning. Dust and dirt block cooling fans and vents. These are the most common culprit of overheating. Removing dust with compressed air and cleaning dust that has built up inside the case with a vacuum can make all the difference when it comes to PC performance.

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